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Gilbert HS Step Up Instrument Program - HS and MS Students Welcome!

  • Gilbert High School 840 Main Street Gilbert, SC, 29054 United States (map)

Step It Up!

Come join us at Gilbert High School for a Step Up Instrument Demonstration!

Learn about step-up instruments, and why your child would benefit from one! Learn about the major instrument manufacturers and what they offer!

This is for both High School and Middle School Musicians!

Sponsored by Musical Innovations and Carolina Flutes

Why Step Up Now?

  • A step up instrument will improve your child’s tone, intonation and agility - and will allow him to continue to grow as a young musician.
  • A step up instrument will encourage your child to spend more time playing - and the more time he spends playing, the more all his other academic subjects will benefit from his improved musical skills.
  • A step up instrument will give your child the best possible chance for achieving his goals.
  • Our step up and pro instrument selection has never been better, and several of our major manufacturers are offering rebates now through June 30th on select instruments.