Jacob Martin - Cello


A native of the Greenville area and student of Dr. Kenneth Law, Martha Brons, and Dr. Christopher Hutton, Jacob has been playing Cello for 19 years. He attended the Fine Arts Center where he played chamber music under the direction of John Ravnan. After highschool he gained a bachelors degree from Furman University in Greenville, SC. While at Furman, Jacob was a part of both Scholarship quartets at school, the Hartness and Gladden Quartets. Aside from local gigs he has helped with String Explosion, which is for middle schoolers from all across Greenville County and has played in Spartanburg Philharmonic on a few occasions. Jacob is continuing graduate studies at Bob Jones University and plans to continue on to doctoral studies in conducting.

To learn more, contact Jacob Martin at jmjnmartin@gmail.com