Education and Low Brass Specialist, Wendy StJohn

Wendy StJohn studied voice and bass trombone at Iowa State University under Mary Creswell and Dr. David Stuart respectively. She has performed in numerous ensembles ranging from full orchestras to big bands to quintets and everything in between. She attributes her love of music to all of her music teachers and stays in contact with them to this day. Wendy has a genuine passion for learning and is always looking for new ways to enhance her own playing and musical knowledge.

Wendy has been serving schools over the southeast for the past six years and is happy to be expanding her school service into the Carolinas. As a member of the National Association of School Music Dealers (NASMD) and the Retail Print Music Dealers (RPMDA), Wendy is able to stay up-to-date on what is happening within the industry to better serve her schools.

Wendy is married and enjoys sharing her passion for music with not only her own son, but with anyone who is willing to listen.